Bat Packs

Discover our selection of baseball bat packs

Because one bat is never enough. Let’s face it, you’ll always need more than one bat; even the pros do!

For starters, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup in case one splits. Though unless you’re a professional, it’ll take hundreds of swings to even get close to splitting your bat, especially with B45’s yellow birch bats. If you’re a coach, the other reason you’re likely to need a few bats on hand is that it’s extremely unlikely that every player on your team is going to use the same bat.

Realistically, every player has different needs and preferences when it comes to bat length, swing weight, and weight drop. Unfortunately, that means that there is no one size fits all for bats. Our bat packs allow you to mix and match to select a variety of baseball bats to suit your different player’s needs.

And, if you’re simply looking to get the best deal on bats in bulk, well here’s your answer. With our baseball packs, you can save money, while still getting the same B45 quality baseball bats you know and love.


What’s the difference between your regular bat pack and the bat B-1 pack?

Our regular bat packs allow you to choose from the B45 bats you know and love. You can choose either 3 of the same or mix and match a variety of baseball bats. They maintain the same B45 quality, just in a 3-pack option.

Our B-1 bats have the same quality but at a more accessible price point. What makes these more affordable is that you only have to pick the length, we take care of the rest. These bats were most likely cut from professional orders due to minor imperfections or blemishes. But don’t worry, these imperfections have no impact on their performance.

Our B-1 bats are a great option for both teams and personal use. If you want to save money and don't mind using different models, you can buy our B-1 bat pack. It's a great option for getting high-quality bats at low prices.