Baseball apparel

Shop our B45 Baseball Apparel!

At B45, we have a reputation for producing high performance yellow birch baseball bats, but we also manufacture exceptional baseball apparel. Why? Because we know it’s important to look good and feel good both on and off the field.

Our collection has everything you're looking for. Whether you need sports clothes for playing ball or casual baseball clothes for post-game snacks. From T-shirts to hoodies, baseball caps, and even toques. Show off your pride for B45 with our trendy apparel.

Our baseball bats and clothing are of the same high quality that you expect from us. Our baseball caps are made by New Era Cap Company, the same company that makes caps for the MLB. The style of cap we sell, the 9FIFTY, is also the official off-field cap of both the MLB and Minor League Baseball. So, just like our top-notch yellow birch baseball bats, our B45 baseball apparel is suitable for the major league.

FAQs about our baseball apparel

At B45, we are the reference for baseball equipment. Baseball bat, fielding glove, training bat, you name it. If you have any questions about our baseball apparel, contact our team or read our FAQ.

What makes B45 baseball apparel so good?

Our keen attention to detail means we haven’t spared a single feature. For example, our performance T-shirts are moisture wicking, odor and stain resistant, durable, tag free, and come with reinforced shoulder seams. While we want you to look great on the field, we’ve focused on performance and comfort to deliver apparel that you can wear over and over to play ball!

Do you offer custom apparel?

No, at this time we do not offer custom apparel options. However, if this is something you’re interested in, please let us know! It is important to us that we understand our clients needs so we can plan for the future to offer the best products and value to our clients!