B-1 Bats

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At B45, we believe all players deserve a high-quality baseball bat. As one of our brand values, we’ve made it a priority to help as many people as we can to play baseball. Not only that, but we’re also conscious of not letting any baseball bats go to waste. That’s why we offer a collection of B-1 baseball bats.

B-1 baseball bats are the best deal with the same B45 quality you know and love! These bats were cut from professional orders, due to either incorrect specs or minor aesthetic imperfections and blemishes.

Minor imperfections aside, our B-1 bats are still REALLY good bats. They’re made with the same yellow birch we’ve become known for. Combining value and functionality, B-1 bats are a great way to get your hands on one of our B45 bats at a reduced price.

So, if you’re looking for a premium yellow birch baseball bat that delivers power, speed, and value, discover our B-1 single and 3-bat packs today!

FAQs about our B-1 baseball bats

Do B-1 baseball bats perform as well as regular B45 baseball bats?

We test and submit all our B-1 baseball bats to quality assurance. You'll get a great deal on a high quality product.

What is the difference between B-1 bats and regular bats?

Yes, of course, high-quality performance remains our main priority across all the products we offer. With that being said, mistakes happen.

B-1 bats were simply made with either the wrong specifications, logo, or showed minor aesthetic blemishes. If you’re looking for a yellow birch bat at a value price point, pick up one of our B-1 bats!

Do B-1 bats have a warranty?

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer our standard 30-day warranty on our B-1 bats. We also cannot guarantee the consistent availability of these bats, as our stock is constantly moving and changing.

Can I get a logo or engraving on a B-1 bat?

No, our B-1 bats come engraved as B-1 Yellow Birch. They are not available for any special requests regarding color, logo, or engraving.